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                Case presentation

                Brief Introduction:

                This process is used Mannheim furnace. According to the years of experience on management of the SOP Plant, we have optimized the structure of the potassium sulfate furnace and adusted the HCL Absorption system. We also have explored the innovation measures for prolonging the furnaces lifetime and protecting the operation environment, and meet the requirement of clients for the quality of SOP. The whole system is controlled by DCS control system.

                Technical Advantages:
                1. Improved the reaction furnace structure, prolong the lifespan of furnace;
                2. Using overflow HCL gas recovering device, one absorption system to two furnaces, to meet the environmental requirement on emission. 
                3. Improved flue design, make full use of heat and energy, save consumption of energy, solve the acid-leaking of furnaces. 
                4. Using diesel oil and natural gas dual usage burner system, completely burning, realize automatic adjustment control. 
                5. Using DCS automatic control, realize automatic feeding adjustment, save man cost, to improve the quality of final product. 
                6. Providing good quality of equipment, reduce maintenace cost for clients;
                7. Providing technology of HCL Consumption, to provide new Calcium Chloride Granulation Process;
                8. Providing supervision on installation, commissioning and start-up service, also training of plant.