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Technical advantages

Advantages of Sufuric Acid Plant

Date:12/24/2016 11:51 AM

The raw material for sulphuric acid plant adopts rapid sulfur melting tank, burning sulfur adopting mechanical atomizing spray burning sulfur furnace, using two transfer and absorption process, recovery waste heat produce medium pressure superheated steam by medium pressure boiler system.On the process technology, adopt the successful experience from built and put into production large-scale sulphuric acid plantson the basis of digesting and adopting the introduction of foreign advanced technology, as far as possible, using advanced, economic reasonable technology,safe,reliable in order to realize saving energy and reducing consumption, reaches producing standard. This device embodies the characteristics of production process in the following respects:

Rapid sulfur melting and liquid sulfur mechanical filter

With agitator and steam coil heating rapid sulfur melting tank, sulfur melting quickly, easy to clean,Sulfur crude purification by screen filter, with high intensity, cover area small, less steam consumption.Equipped with liquid sulphur tank in battery, in meet the start-up rate at the same time, also reduced the storage of solid sulfur, reduce the pollution of the environment of sulfur.

This sulfur melting tank, filter tank, precoat tank and fine sulfur tank for composite structure, underground to decorate, is advantageous to the maintenance operation, also convenient directly using the liquid sulfur.

Mechanical atomizing burning sulphur furnace

Burning sulfur furnace is the key equipment for sulphuric acid project, this design is equipped with sulfur burning furnace mechanical atomizing nozzle, Burning sulfur furnace is horizontal structure.

In order to ensure the sulfur steam and air mix, burning in the furnace burning sulfur, sulfur burning furnace inlet used volute cyclone flow device and imported liquid sulfur nozzle developed by our company ensure that the sulfur and air mix combustion; Within the furnace set 3 baffle retaining wall. Burning sulfur furnace set up secondary air supplement.

Make full use of liquid sulfur burning hot and transformer step reaction heat

Setting waste heat boiler in the burning sulfur furnace exit,In the first period of export set high temperature superheater converter,Three steps of export in converter heat exchanger and economizer,after the fifth set low temperature superheater and economizer.Recycling the waste heat are used to produce medium pressure steam.

Enhances the conversion and eliminate the pollution

This design uses two transformation and two absorption process.High-quality catalyst, "3 + 2" five section of transformation process, the total conversion rate reached 99.8%, the SO2 content in the tail gas below 400 mg/Nm3. After secondary absorption tower is also equipped with exhaust gas washing system, ensure that do not produce environmental pollution during plant start up.

98% acid dry, heat absorption

Dry absorption circulating acid system all adopt the 98% acid drying and absorption, and use the three towers (tower tank) integrated dry absorption process, process simplified, save investment.Used in medium and high temperature absorption, which can effectively inhibit the formation of the acid mist, and fog particles increase, is advantageous to the mist.

Adopt new and high effective equipment to save the investment

(a)Burning sulfur furnace is horizontal structure and set 1 pc mechanical atomizing nozzle.Set specified cyclone device in air inlet to ensure the intensive mixing of air and liquid sulfur fog particles.There are secondary air inlet to ensure fully burner of sulfur.There are refractory and insulating brick in burning sulfur furnace lining to ensure the temperature of outer wall less than 70℃

(b) Drying tower, absorption tower adopts efficient dry absorption tower with good structural strength, with a large opening combined ball arch and Φ 76 Super Intalox or cascade ring on top. Acid distributor device adopts tubular acid device, with simple structure, light weight,convenient for manufacture, installation and maintenance and distribute on average,distribution account up to 27 / m2.

c)There is High efficiency pads demister on the top of drying tower. Installed  efficient fiber demister in the absorption tower, to ensure the efficiency of remove acid mist and acid foaming.

d)The heat exchanger adopt contracting tube structure  shell-and-tube ( heat ) exchanger.Characterized by a low pressure drop, high coefficient of heat transfer.

e)Acid cooler used heat exchanger with anodic protection.This device with high heat transfer efficiency,long working life,easy to maintenance and occupied small area.

High automation level

This device adopt advanced DCS control system to supervisory control the process specification of whole process.Setting automatic adjust system for the important part. The flow diagram,specification,warning,trend record are all displayed and all the productive process should be supervisory control in the control room.

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